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Youth Records-Gibbons Creek
Blue Gill, Channel Cat (3 records),
Long Ear Sunfish, Fresh Water Drum
Blue Cat (2 records)
Small Mouth Buffalo
Water Body Records-Gibbons Creek
Blue Gill, Channel Cat (6 records),
Fly rod Blue Cat

Youth Record-Marlin City Lake
Largemouth Bass, Channel Cat
Water Body Record-Marlin city Lake
Largemouth Bass, Channel Cat

Water Body Record-Lake Limestone
Blue Catfish

Youth Record--Lake Nacogdoches
Blue Gill, White Crappie,
Largemouth Bass
Water Body Record--Lake Nacogdoches
Blue Gill, White Crappie

Youth Record--Lake Somerville
Channel Cat (5 records), Black Crappie White Crappie (2 records)
Blue cat 56#
Water body Record--Lake Somerville
Channel Cat (5 records), Black Crappie
Fresh Water Drum

Youth Record--Lake Bryan
Blue Gill, Channel Catfish
Long Ear Sunfish

Youth Record--Central Park #1
Blue Gill

Youth Record--Fayette County Lake
Channel Cat (5 records)
Water Body Record-Fayette County
Channel Cat (2 records)

Youth Record--Murvaul Lake
Channel Cat
Water Body Record--Murvaul Lake
Channel Cat

Water Body Record--Lake Naconiche
Crappie, Blue Gill
Channel Cat, Black Bullhead
Youth Record--Lake Naconiche
Crappie, Blue Gill, Black
Bullhead, Channel Cat
Large Mouth Bass
65 Lake and Youth Records
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TPWD survey on Fayette County indicated 1/3 as many catfish as their five year previous servey.  Also, all fish surveyed were adult fish, no small fish surveyed int he lake.
Fish being caught are currently a lot larger
with few numbers being caught.
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We had a record year on catching fish.
Caught on my boat
Final Count for
2009 is 6148

2010 is 6668
2011 is 7306
2012 is 8034
Final Count
for year 2013
5761 fish

Six year
37,915 fish

My goal is to share "Fun and Fish Tales." 
I want to make YOUR fishing experience an affordable and enjoyable adventure! 
Guided fishing is provided at Lake Somerville,
Fayette County Lake in LaGrange, Texas,
and Gibbons Creek in the Bryan College Station, Texas area.  
Visit our Photo Pages above to see the fun others have had.

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On 9/2/12 Ralph of Brazoria, caught fish #30,000, caught on my boat in last 4yr 8mo
And was awarded a new
Rod n Reel for catching

Lake Somerville
Fayette County Lake
Gibbons Creek Res.

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Lake Somerville 6-30-2011 Bluecat
Holden Jatzlau from Giddings, TX
Check monthly in Texas Fish and Game Magazine for "HotSpots" written by myself for Somerville, Fayette County, and Gibbons Creek.  Also check Texas Lakes and Bays Atlas for maps of those lakes created by myself.
Ashtyn Amthor with her
Channel Catfish from
Fayette County Lake
Caught 7-19-09
Lake Limestone
37# Blue Catfish
Mrs. Powell from Georgia with a Southern Smile
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